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The CIF is an organization that welcomes French speaking newcomers and helps them get settled in Prince Edward Island. We also organize activities to raise awareness about cultural diversity. CIF is in charge of  the francophone population growth dossier for the Acadian and Francophone Community of PEI.
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The Coopérative d’intégration francophone de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard (CIF) is pleased to welcome new team member Robyn Gallant as the Awareness Activity and Community Dialogue Coordinator. She will be working from the CIF office at 48 Mill Road in Wellington.

After graduating with honours from École Évangéline, Robyn spent several years in Nova Scotia, where she studied theatre production at Acadia University and did community work in Wolfville. She returned to Prince Edward Island early this October.

“I want to thank the CIF for this opportunity to work in the community I grew up in. I intend to bring all my enthusiasm and creativity to this role and look forward to rediscovering my French-speaking island,” said Robyn Gallant.

Robyn will soon be meeting with her main partners to develop an annual schedule of community and school-based awareness activities that will be held throughout the province.

One of Robyn’s main tasks will be to organize, with the help of her new colleagues, the activities that will be held during Francophone Immigration Week, from October 29 to November 4, 2017.

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