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The CIF is an organization that welcomes French speaking newcomers and helps them get settled in Prince Edward Island. We also organize activities to raise awareness about cultural diversity. CIF is in charge of  the francophone population growth dossier for the Acadian and Francophone Community of PEI.
Picture from left to right: Gilles Benoit, président of the CIF, Cyrille Simard, Edmunston’s Mayor and speaker, Sonny Gallant, Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning, Martine Boivin, speaker specialized in immigration in region and Jacinthe Lemire, director of the CIF.

On Friday, January 26, 2018, the Coopérative d’intégration francophone (CIF) held a discussion forum on welcoming and integrating Francophone newcomers (Soyons Prêts ! – forum pour une communauté francophone accueillante) at Credit Union Place in Summerside. Around 40 people attended, mostly employees and volunteers from the community sector.


Guest speakers travelled from Quebec and New Brunswick to talk about the importance of preparing the receiving environments to improve newcomer integration, the role municipalities can play and the good practices implemented elsewhere in Canada, among other topics.


During different workshops, the participants split up into small groups to brainstorm solutions to these problems and to discuss their experiences and the actions that need to be taken moving forward. At the end of the day, the participants were invited to commit to taking at least one action in the next six months to better welcome and integrate Francophone newcomers to our province.


Translation of the Population Action Plan for Prince Edward Island

The Population Action Plan for Prince Edward Island, launched by the provincial government in the spring of 2017, was translated into French for the occasion. CIF chair Gilles Benoit stated, “This five-year plan is very important for the Acadian and Francophone community. I want to thank the Government of Prince Edward Island for having the document translated and for giving the demographic growth of the Francophone community a choice place in the plan.” The Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning, Sonny Gallant, joined the forum participants at lunchtime to officially launch the translated document. Minister Gallant declared "The Government of Prince Edward Island has set ambitious targets for near and long-term population growth in our province. This Population Action Plan outlines our plan of action to grow our population and strengthen our workforce in communities across Prince Edward Island. The success of this Action Plan will depend, in large measure, on our ability to work together. "


The Coopérative d’intégration francophone de l’Î.-P.-É. (CIF) helps French-speaking newcomers settling in the province, facilitating their social, economic, educational and cultural integration. It also makes the host population aware of cultural diversity, the advantages of immigration and the importance of Francophone immigration. The CIF is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the government of Prince Edward Island.


For more information, media may contact:

Jacinthe Lemire, Director


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