ecoliers2The idea to establish La Coopérative d'intégration francophone de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard (Prince Edward Island's Francophone integration cooperative) was sparked in the fall of 2005, when members of the region's organizations were approached by representatives of a similar project in New Brunswick, and asked to partner in implementing a pilot project in PEI. A working committee was then formed and the CIF was incorporated in 2006.

At the time of incorporation, the CIF only had a regional mandate limited to the Évangéline area. Through its pilot project, the Carrefour d'Immigration Rurale Évangéline (CIRE), the CIF developed a guide on innovative rural immigration practices, countered the demographic's population decline in the region and created tools to welcome and help settle newcomers in the region.

Over the years, the CIF broadened its activities to serve the Acadian and Francophone community throughout the province. In 2009 the CIRE pilot project came to an end and afterwards in 2010, the organization took on a provincial mandate. Since then the CIF has adopted a strategic five-year plan (2011-2016), developed in relation to the Plan de la communauté acadienne et francophone de l'ÎPÉ (PDG). It also adopted a new operational and organizational model to better fulfill its new provincial mandate.

The CIF is currently an integral part of Prince Edward Island's community landscape. It organizes awareness activities and provides services for newcomers throughout the province. Several partnerships have been made, namely with the RDÉE Î.-P.-É., the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada (PEIANC), Collège Acadie and the Office of Immigration, Settlement and Population. The CIF offers immigrants settlement services, French-language assessment, twinning program and integration services. It also organizes awareness activities within the community and the schools. The CIF now also carries out promotional and recruitment projects, including the working holiday program (Programme Vacances-Travail, PVT) and the Destination Canada job fair.

The CIF coordinates the Comité sur la Croissance démographique, which favours the four aspects of population growth: refrancization, francophilia, migration and immigration. This committee has adopted a strategic plan and an action plan. The CIF hopes to begin implementing the action plan in the coming year.

The CIF also created a Francophone immigration network (Réseau en immigration francophone, RIF), which brings together the main community, municipal, provincial and federal partners involved with Francophone immigration. Note that there are 13 such networks in Canada, in 9 provinces and 2 territories. Still in its early stages, Prince Edward Island's RIF will soon be reviewing its frame of reference and structure in order to tie it to the Comité sur la Croissance démographique francophone (committee on the growth of the Francophone population).