Confederation bridge
The CIF provides programs and services that help Francophone newcomers settle and get involved in Prince Edward Island.

Our Motto
The CIF’s motto is "Open to the world, looking to the future".

Our Vision
The Acadian and Francophone community of Prince Edward Island is growing, diverse, inclusive, dynamic and forward-looking.

Our Mission
To increase the French-speaking population of Prince Edward Island by :

  • Recruiting, welcoming, integrating and retaining French-speaking newcomers;
  • With the collaboration of its partners, integrating Acadians who have lost the use of French and Francophone Islanders into the Acadian and Francophone community.

  • To increase the Francophone and Francophile population of Prince Edward Island;
  • To ensure the social, cultural, economic and educational integration of French-speaking newcomers to Prince Edward Island, including access to necessary services and programs.
  • Educate the host population on the benefits and importance of cultural diversity and Francophone immigration

However, it is not a government agency that can make a decision on your legal status in Canada or make any decision on your immigration application.