AgriInterCulture (AIC) is the only program of its kind in Canada that gives Francophone youth with agricultural qualifications (as a student in a post-secondary agricultural program, completed diploma or degree in agriculture or related field, or appropriate work experience) the opportunity to work on a farm business in Prince Edward Island. You will be able to work on different types of farming operations, in any industry, from growing blueberries, to raising beef cattle to beekeeping. The duration of proposed employment contracts can range from three months, to two years. Extensions can be given via another type of employment contract, which could eventually lead to receiving permanent resident status in Canada.

To participate in the AIC program, you must obtain a work permit. Two choices are offered to you, either through the office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or also through the International Experience Canada (IEC), in the working holiday (WH/PVT), young professional or international co-op internship category.

The organization in charge of recruiting and welcoming temporary Francophone immigrants to Prince Edward Island will assist you upon your arrival to help you get settled. You will be invited to attend information, discussion and discovery sessions to help you learn about and quickly adopt the “Island way of life.”

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Barn manager - manager d'exploitation bâtiment
Field manager - manager d'exploitation des sols

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