Public Transit
Public transportation in Prince Edward Island is still underdeveloped, but a system exists in Charlottetown and Summerside. A shuttle bus also runs between Charlottetown and Summerside. This service is provided by Trius Transit.

Maritime Bus provides transportation to the other Maritime provinces and Quebec.

Air Transportation
Charlottetown International Airport provides service to Montreal, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, New York (seasonal) and Puerto Plata (seasonal).

Cabs or "cabs" are relatively cheap and very popular on the Island. Cabs here charge a fare generally based on the distance traveled and the number of people in the cab. They don't usually use meters like in the big cities.

When you call a cab, tell the dispatcher your address and where you are going and you will usually be picked up within ten to fifteen minutes.
To find a local cab company, check the Yellow Pages under "Taxis." [See Related Resources.]

Some places like hospitals, hotels and shopping malls have a free phone to call a cab. They are usually located near public pay phones