ICF offers a tutoring service to teach English to their clients. 

This service is on a volunteer basis. This language training fulfills ICF's language training mission as part of its formal and informal programming. The tutoring program is designed to assist adults in their learning of one of Canada's two official languages.

We also have a program available through the CCNB for learning English in the workplace. Contact us for more details!

The tutoring service will help you learn English online or face to face with a tutor. The service is free for ICF clients. 

To register, contact us at Services@cifipe.ca

The tutor (1) works with a designated participant in one of ICF's language learning programs; (2) helps the participant gain a better understanding of the material covered in class and the projects and follow-ups; (3) assists the student in identifying resources that support him/her in learning one of Canada's official languages; (4) reviews the information from the completed projects or follow-ups and suggests ways to improve them; and (5) provides the participant with positive feedback about his/her progress and encourages him/her to stay on track for language success.

Required Skills
The tutor must have had similar experience with another organization, -be in current or previous employment or had job responsibilities or communications duties: reading, writing, etc., or -have some training in language learning or teaching or general tutoring. -have a high school and/or post-secondary education with good skills and experience in one of Canada's official languages. The volunteer must provide proof of a criminal record check for RCMP volunteers.

Length of Commitment
The Tutor position requires a minimum commitment of two hours per week over the course of 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the type of program the apprentice is in. The tutor will be in place for the fall and winter months and possibly longer. He/she is eligible for a recall for the following year, subject to approval by ICF management.

Volunteers are required to attend a two-hour training session offered by ICF that is aligned with ICF's formal or informal learning program content. This training is designed to provide an overview of the apprentice program, access to resources and guidance on resources for the apprenticeship program. In addition, ICF would be very happy to facilitate a resource exchange and communication between tutors.

Reports to
Sandrine Croisseux, Settlement Services Support Officer

Tutoring can be offered online with ICF technical support or in person in ICF spaces with social distancing and according to public health regulations.

Training for the position will be provided in two one-hour training sessions via video conferencing or in-person depending on public health regulations. In addition, ICF remains available at all times to provide ongoing support and answer questions as needed.

If you are interested in signing up as a tutor, please contact us at services@cifipe.ca