multiculturalismeThe CIF's primary mandate is to help French-speaking immigrants settle in Prince Edward Island, by facilitating their social, economic, educational and cultural integration.

For more information about the immigration process (study visas, work permits, permanent residence), visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

The province of Prince Edward Island also has an immigration program—the Provincial Nominee Program—that allows immigration applications to be made directly to the province. For more information visit the web site of Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada. You will find information on this program and how to immigrate to Prince Edward Island on the provincial government's website.

To help newcomers settle in Prince Edward Island, the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada (PEIANC) developed a Guide for Newcomers to Prince Edward Island. It provides basic information on:
  • The steps you need to take when you arrive
  • The essential Canadian documents and how to obtain them
  • The key aspects of day-to-day life in Canada and on the island
There are Francophone communities scattered throughout Canada, in the 10 provinces and 3 territories. For more information about immigration and settling in one of Canada's French-speaking communities, visit:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has lauched recently 2 videos about immigration to Canada. We encourage you watch them:
Immigrating to Canada
Before you arrive in Canada

Be careful, some people take advantage of the strong immigration demand to Canada for fraud and are taking advantage of people wishing to settle in Canada. Be vigilant and visit thisImmigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada website section on this topic for more information:


One of the first steps of immigration may be to obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer. The Canadian government provides a job search information website. As some professions are regulated in Canada, you can use this same website to check whether your profession is regulated by an organization or association. The qualified and professional workers section provides information about the Federal Skilled Workers program.

You can also consult a number of job search engines, including:
Work PEI
Career Development Services
The Employmet Journey on PEI
PEI Job Bank