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The CIF is an organization that welcomes French speaking newcomers and helps them get settled in Prince Edward Island. We also organize activities to raise awareness about cultural diversity. CIF is in charge of  the francophone population growth dossier for the Acadian and Francophone Community of PEI.
General Information

The Working Holiday program (Programme Vacances-Travail - PVT) is an International Experience Canada program that brings young French people between 18 and 35 years of age to live and work in Canada. Program participants receive a 24-month work visa, allowing them to travel across Canada while working to sustain themselves financially.

These days, most participants choose to work in tourism and find a job where they have the possibility of working for the full 24 months. This provides them with quality work experience that they can use when they return to France.

If you are a Working Holiday participant who wants to stay in Prince Edward Island for a few weeks, a few months or a full year, we can help you make your island experience exceedingly interesting.

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