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The CIF is an organization that welcomes French speaking newcomers and helps them get settled in Prince Edward Island. We also organize activities to raise awareness about cultural diversity. CIF is in charge of  the francophone population growth dossier for the Acadian and Francophone Community of PEI.
French language skills assessment

CLIC course and French language skills assessment

In partnership with CCNB (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick), we are offering an assessment for BTC-NCLC for the CLIC online program.
CLIC is a free French course only for newcomers with permanent resident status. It is a program offered by the government of Canada.

Here is the program’s website:

CLIC, Cours de Langue pour les Immigrants au Canada is the French version of LINC,
Language Instruction for the Newcomers to Canada offered by Holland College.

Course and resources for French as a Second Language

A free self-assessment tool (not recognized) is also available online:
Here is the website:

There are 3 organizations that give French lessons in Charlottetown ($).

- Avance Learning Centre:

- Collège de l’Île :

- Université Sainte-Anne :

We offer some French tutoring in group settings, contact us for more information.

Software/Online courses

Rosetta Stone software is available on one computer at the Dr. J.-Edmond-Arsenault Public Library.

Duolingo: A mobile application and website:

Chuala Website:

Babbel Website:

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