famille-vert-shutterstockThe CIF provides programs and services that help newcomers get settled and get involved in the community in Prince Edward Island. 
  • Pre-departure services,
  • Welcome and orientation,
  • Language learning programs in English and French,
  • Social integration,
  • Workplace integration,
  • Connections to the Francophone and Acadian community.
We work with the local community to welcome newcomers.

Target clientele

The CIF provides welcome and integration services to Francophone immigrants (newly arrived from other countries) with the following statuses:

  • Permanent residents
  • Families and refugees (sponsored by the government or private sector)
  • Holders of temporary work permits
  • Participants in the working holiday program (Programme vacances-travail, PVT)
  • International students

Note that some services are only available to immigrants with permanent resident status. For more information, contact us.