The Francophone immigration networks (Réseaux en immigration francophone, RIF) develop and implement joint strategic plans and action plans to facilitate promotion, recruitment, welcoming and socioeconomic and cultural integration and to favour the regionalization of immigration. Each province and territory has a RIF, except for Ontario (which has three) and Nunavut (which has none). There are therefore a total of 14 Francophone immigration networks in Canada.

The RIFs work in partnership with provincial and federal government representatives. They are supported by community coordination, which helps orchestrate the community's efforts. This coordination facilitates the creation of promising partnerships in Francophone immigration, namely with employers and municipalities, and supports the implementation of the objectives set out in the strategic plan.

The RIFs are overseen by the Fédération des Communautés francophones et acadiennes du Canada (FCFA). They use a national logic model to define their own strategic/action plan. For more information on RIFs at the national level, visit