Customized solutions for employers
ICF focuses on the tools and strategies of Canada's Francophone immigration policy framework. The Francophone Mobility Program, among others, offers tax benefits and expedited pathways for both employers and candidates. You will benefit from ICF's customized solutions based on Canada's Francophone immigration framework and our expertise aligned with Prince Edward Island's immigration programs

We are a settlement service organization for Francophone newcomers to Prince Edward Island. We provide expertise and coaching to employers interested in hiring skilled international workers. ICF works with its partners including the Canadian Embassy, RDÉE Canada, and the Government of Prince Edward Island to meet international candidates and facilitate the hiring and immigration process. ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE FREE. You do not have to offer bilingual employment to benefit from our free services. You simply need to hire a French-speaking person through the recruitment opportunities offered by provincial and federal programs that favour French-speaking immigration.

You have jobs to offer but not enough candidates? We offer a coaching program to help you with your recruitment policies, from start to finish.

Employer Services and Recruitment Coordinator