The Canadian Resume
The Canadian CV has its own specificities that you must respect if you want to get a job in Canada. The format of the Canadian CV is 81/2 x 11 inches, that is to say 21.6 x 27.9 cm which is the US letter size.

Generally, it is recommended that the Canadian CV be 2 pages long so that it is detailed. Also, the Canadian CV does not require your personal information: in fact, it is useless or even forbidden to mention your age, your date of birth, your children, etc. on your Canadian CV. The Canadian CV focuses on professional skills because that is what is important to recruiters.

Know that in Canada, your skills take precedence over your academic background, so your Canadian resume must highlight your professional skills. To do this, you must develop each of your skills in the Canadian CV by specifying your former functions and tasks. If you have the ability to estimate the percentage of your results, that would be great. You can adapt your Canadian CV to each ad in order to better highlight the skills you are looking for and draw attention to yourself. Don't forget to mention your interpersonal skills as this is an important point in Canada.

Sectors that are recruiting
Current labour market needs in Prince Edward Island: Health (doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.)

  • Truck drivers
  • Food Services
  • Education
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Fish plant
  • Farms

Useful links

In addition, the Guichet-Emplois and Employ PEI websites are two platforms that list the latest job offers available in the province. Another channel to consult is the magazine La Voie de l'emploi of the newspaper La Voix acadienne, which publishes the latest job offers available for Francophone candidates and guides them in their settlement in the province.