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The CIF is an organization that welcomes French speaking newcomers and helps them get settled in Prince Edward Island. We also organize activities to raise awareness about cultural diversity. CIF is in charge of  the francophone population growth dossier for the Acadian and Francophone Community of PEI.
It is true that finding a job in Prince Edward Island is easier if done through networking and word of mouth. We encourage Working Holiday participants to register with the CIF's services as soon as possible so we can help you on your job search.

Another reality is the language. To work in PEI you have to have an excellent knowledge of the English language. Although some jobs only require a beginner level of English, most ask for intermediate or expert, or require a specific vocabulary depending on the field.

Have your resume in hand, printed out and in electronic format. Make sure it follows Canadian norms and customs. Our coordinators can help you make your resume as attractive as possible to Prince Edward Island employers.

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